Bright Business Opportunity at BrightStar Care

By | August 9, 2015

A fulfilling and rewarding business does not only include high return of investment, but self-worth and dignity. There are so many businesses to venture out, but nothing is rewarding as health care. A healthcare business offers a lucrative income potential and the opportunity to help transform your life and others too. One of the established and highly reputable health care companies today is BrightStar Care. It is a company owned by Shelly Sun. She and her husband personally oversee the business operation. The company offers franchise opportunity to people who want to start a home health care business.

A health care franchise is a promising one, especially in the United States wherein the senior demographic is rapidly increasing. Over the next 20 years, the demand for senior health care services is seen to continuously increase. So, if you are looking for a business with much potential, then you can never go wrong with BrightStar Care.

Why choose BrightStar Care?

The demand for senior care continues to grow as time passes by. The demand is not even affected by recession and bad economy in general. Hence, if you are looking for a business that is home health care serviceself-sustaining, then you can never go wrong with home health care. Today, there are so many health care companies offering franchise opportunity. With so many to choose from, why should you select BrightStar Care?

BrightStar Care is one of the established businesses today. It has been in the industry for many years now and has already gained the trust and respect of people. BrightStar offers a wide array of services both medical and nonmedical. It caters the senior population, patients with special needs, children, babies, and medical staffing. The quality of service is the same as the ones you typically seen in a traditional nursing home or assisted living facilities.

Brightstar Franchises Humble Beginning

BrightStar Care began its journey in 2002. It is a family operated business where Shelly and her husband personally handle the business operation. Two years later, they come up with a bright

Shelly Sun

Shelly Sun

idea, and that is to offer a business franchise to people who want to start their own health care business. BrightStar Care was well-accepted by people, and it resulted in over 250 locations in selected parts of the United States. Years and years passed by and BrightStar Care became global.

IFA Awards programThe company reached Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, and some parts of Asia. The current global growth of BrightStar Care was recognized by highly reputable institutions today. It was awarded as the number one fastest growing woman-led company in 2012 by The Wall Street Journal. An IFA Entrepreneur of the Year Award was given to Shelly Sun in 2010. BrightStar has experienced a massive growth over the years and it is all because of the dedication, passion, and hard work Shelly had put into it. If you are looking for a rewarding and motivating business, then start franchising with BrightStar Care. Shelly will back you up and will give you all the help you need in starting and growing your business.